Infographic project…lessons learned from Piktochart and

The project:

I recently wrapped up a project with Ms. Ragucci, AP Statistics teacher, where the students demonstrated a concept that they learned this year using an infographic website.  Students spent time in the classroom working on a topic and gathering evidence for their Infographic.  I quickly showed them piktochart and in the computer lab.  The students then were asked to look at both options and choose the one they wanted to use.  Our PCs are older, and our first set back was that the 2 websites did not work properly on Internet Explorer, so we installed Google Chrome and we were on our way.  Students needed to create equations for their posters, so we also installed the Chrome Extension Duam Equation Editor…thank you again Google!  We probably used three sessions in the computer lab to complete the project. When the students were done, I taught them how to grab embedded code and email it to me so I could create a central place for the Infographics to reside.  Piktochart presented yet another setback…their embedded code did not work in Wikispaces, PBworks or Kidblog.  I contacted suport and they basically said that it is not compatible.  Big disappointment.  The students sent me a url link instead and we made the best of it.  The results of their hard work can be found on their wiki.

Lessons learned:

Since lab time is scarce, the teacher reflected that next year she would probably demonstrate Infographics to her class at school, but have them create the infographic at home.  Unless the embedded code problems with Piktochart are addressed by next year, I would probably limit the scope of this project to next time.  I think embedding the infographics is what makes them powerful.


Summer 2013 Professional Development



It is that time of year again….as we wind down our school year, I though I would highlight a few of the many free opportunities for Professional Development that are available online or in person this summer (and throughout the year for that matter!).  Take a look at the list this summer, choose 1 or 2 opportunities that interest you and dive in!

  • Attend an edcamp in person
  • Receive CE certificates for participating in Webinars You also have access to prior webinars available on many interesting topics.