Adding a 5th “C” to the 4 C’s….

For those of us educators who are fully emerged in the wonderful world of Education Technology,  we are very familiar with the 4Cs: (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity).  I do not want to spend too much time speaking to the importance of these 4 values, as the volume of information available on the web regarding this topic is both vast and valuable.  I watched a TED talk today, however, that got me thinking that we should add one more C to the list…contemplation.  The video that got me thinking about this twist was a TED talk by Susan Cain titled “The Power of Introverts”.  In Susan’s presentation, she outlined the history of the de-valuation of the qualities of introverted individuals and suggests ideas to re-think education and the workplace to extract the value that is gained NOT by collaboration or group work, but rather on individual brainstorming and quiet contemplation.  Do you think we need a 5th C?


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