Augmented Reality

I have been recently intrigued by the possibilities of Augmented Reality in education.  While I have heard of this phenomena prior to attending the MASSCue conference, it was certainly further intrigued after 2 sessions I attended.

One session was an exciting demo of free software that runs on computers – Trimble Sketchup (formally Google Sketchup – a 3D building creator), AR media plug-in (works with Sketchup to view sketchup buildings in 3D, and manipulate it in a 360-degree environment) and Google Earth ( sketchup buildings can be submitted and viewed).  Two Technology Integrators, Christine Donoghue & Donna McDonnell from Billerica Public Schools,demonstrated how to easily create 3D buildings in Sketchup and then view it in 3D/Augmented Reality or via Google Earth as they do with their elementary students.   These programs have direct ties to the K – 12 curriculum in areas such as math, geography, art, literature, history and high school engineering.

There are many ways to use the sketchups.  Sketchups are being connected with google lit trips.  Students recreate historical buildings as part of a history unit.  NASA now has data on their website and an app that takes advantage of  Augmented Reality as well.

The most impressive part of the session was actually seeing this in action.  Since I did not videotape the session, I found 2 youtube videos that should give you a sense of what this looks like:

The presenters developed a handout which list all of the software that would need to be installed and install instructions as well. Other links provided during the session that you may find useful:

Basic House Drawing Directions


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