Learning how to create an Infographic

I have had a goal of learning how to create an infographic for some time. Wikipedia defines an infographic as a  “graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly”. To find the right online tool to create an infographic, I found a blog post written by my favorite EdTech resource, Richard Byrne’s Free Technology 4 teachers ( Three Free Tools for Creating Infographics)

The 3 infographic resources he suggested were:

  • Visual.ly (good for analyzing twitter hashtags).
  • Easel.ly(a good overall infographic creator)
  • Infogr.am (good for making Excel charts standout)

I started with Visually since I did not have to gather any data in order to use the tool.  I  quickly generated the infographic below analyzing the popular hashtag #edtech:

create infographics with visual.ly

Then I wanted to learn how to use Easel.ly and Infogr.am  I did not have any data to plug in which seemed to stall my success.  As I procrastinated achieving my goal, Richard Byrne came to the rescue again.  His article, Video – How To Create Infographics, included a well made tutorial by librarian Linda Braun explaining the process of creating infographics using Easel.ly and Infogr.am. Check it out:

Creating infographics | screencast tutorial from School Library Journal on Vimeo.

Another tool Richard mentioned was Zoom.it.  This tool allows you to upload an image (such as an infographic) and zoom in on it easily.  I found an infographic online and used the image to play with zoom.it:

I collected a small number of resources in pinterest regarding infographics, check out my board!


…now I just need some teachers who would like to use these tools….