Today I was Madame Spang!

I was visited by a high school French teacher yesterday.  Last year he had his French III students create a survey (using survey monkey) in French. They emailed the link to their survey to the teacher.  The teacher then had to post each link on his webpage so that the students could take each others survey.  Some of the links did not work properly.  My challenge was to use technology to improve the work flow and eliminate the bad link problem.

We decided to set up a blog (using for each class.  I used Kidblog because students do not need an email address to acquire an account and teachers do not need to know how to access the student’s blogs…they are all easily accessible from one url.  So the students created the survey in survey monkey, copied the link to the survey and placed it in a blog post.  Then each student answered every survey on the class blog.  Over the weekend the students will analyze their survey results in survey monkey and create a second blogpost to create a narrative in French about their findings.  Voila!


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