Are you using Google Apps for education at your school?


We just started using Google Apps for Education in my former district. The initial reason was for a more reliable way for students to store their files, and Google does a good job at that. The additional benefits were many…document sharing (for student projects and between student and teacher), students from grade 3 up having a school-issued email address (now they can create accounts for websites I wish to use in the classroom if there are no age-restrictions), and google forms/spreadsheets…pretty powerful tools! I have begun to collect some resources for learning about Google Apps for Education on Pinterest….check it out at:



Summer learning

Are you an educator who wants to learn more about technology use in the classroom, but do not know where to start?  Check out:

Edutopia is a great overall resource.  Check it out and consider following them!

I would be lyin’…

I would be lying if I told you I only use Pinterest for professional use, but I actually love it for professional and personal reasons. If you are looking to learn more about QR code use in education/the classroom check out my Pinterest Board “QR codes in the clasroom”